Jun 06 2008

Still At OpenSim 0.5.7_5002 ODE and 40 regions

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This experience was on 3 June but I’m only writing about it now. Much the same as on Monday where the regions start up like gangbusters, terrain loads in a snap, and everything is navigable with no prims. When I get myself to the most interesting terrain, at UCB’s Greek Theater, I rez a cube and it sits on the ground. When I carelessly resize it to 10 meters in all dimensions, part of it sits below ground. After all, it is not physical yet. Then when I set it to be physical, either as a cube or after making it a sphere, the whole sim crashes. Looking at Mantis I had the sense that some aspects of this issue have been worked on very recently and resolved. So far for me, no joy.

I also have a challenge with getting region and asset storage working on MySQL rather than SQLite. People need persistence for any difficult build, and when things get large that’s not the time one wants to run up against the limits of the storage technology. But I’m flummoxed by the necessary OpenSim.ini config. I’ve seen this work on other sims at earlier revisions, so I know that I’m close. But I can’t get OpenSim to connect, although I have no problem getting to the catalog with MySQL-administrator and I do see some tables get created if I leave SQLite for region storage and MySQL for asset. But when I try to use MySQL with all storage, OpenSim complains that it can’t find a responsive instance of MySQL. Suspicions are pointing toward my mixed use of localhost loopback and local network address 10.x.x.x among OpenSim and MySQL installs. Even though I run standalone, I need OpenSim to respond to the local network address to access OpenSim from other machines in the lab, and I thought that I had MySQL set up to do the same. Apparently some connections must use loopback and that may be creating inconsistencies that keep me from launching OpenSim in a non-SQLite setup

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Jun 02 2008

Finding Limits – OpenSim 0.5.7_4952 can be crashed

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For the Linux SL client on my HP keyboard, (Alt- + Windows- = Alt- ) as the SL client works in Windows.

Yesterday evening I added a YouTube embed to a post, and it showed up today with a toxic URL in it. That edit was made from Windows, so tonight I’m running Ad-Aware full scan, which takes awhile. So to keep at it, I took the test server (E6550-3.4 GHz/4GB) and ran it with 40 regions standalone, real UC Berkeley terrain, and ODE; then to be testing I installed the latest now-Beta SL client 1_19_1_4 and went for it!

Things are getting ever smoother with the Second Life client for Linux. I first fired it up and went to Agni, and saw that the 1:25 scale Berkurodam model rezzed much more slowly than it did when I last tried the Windows client a couple of nights ago. I say that because I saw the ellipsoids of the sculpties, as ellipsoids, for many seconds.

Then I quit and launched with “./secondlife -loginuri host:9000” and saw the terrain rezzing like never before. One of the wild things about OpenSim is that if you try something that you’ve done before eons ago, like three weeks, things can be different in some really good and unexpected ways. Like the speed with with terrain rezzed once I set my draw distance out to 512 meters and flew to a NEly corner of a sim. Wow, I’ve never seen so many regions filling in at once, and nary a delay for the little texture patches that follow along. It made me think that network speed limits some of the experience, even when its a local 100-Mb wire.

Anyway, I was able to saunter in flight all about the 40 regions and be fairly impressed. Then I stopped by the Greek theater site, rezzed a 10-meter cube and threw it up 1 kilometer into the air. It landed with much less bounce than I saw on the default sinc-shaped islands last night, but still looked as slippery as an ice cube while it wiggled its way into the very lowest spot of the stage area. I tried to make a machinima of the experience using the SL client feature, but I did not take time to lower my resolution from 1600×1200 for the video, and I never could find the AVI file that I expected to have made. Still, although at this point I was getting the CPUs up toward 70% at times, as soon as I cooled off and stared at the Ubuntu System Monitor, things got quiet fast, like 5% on each core.

Everything still seemed to be just ducky, until I found one more cool thing. You see, I’d been grasping about for the proper keyboard shortcuts to gain camera control on the SL Linux client. Like in Photoshop or the Windows SL client, I tend to use the keys around the space bar, Alt-, Ctl- and the arrows quite a bit. So I’ve been frustrated with the Linux client because the same Ctl-Alt combination that I want to use to spin the camera around usually does something nasty to the Gnome window when dragging the mouse. But no more. I stumbled on (what surely must be documented somewhere) the solution–the dreaded Windoze key on my HP keyboard works with the SL Linux client just the way that I expect the Ctl- key to work.

For the Linux SL client on my HP keyboard, (Alt- + Windows- = Alt- ) as the SL client works in Windows.

Once I got that grokked, I was doing some very mobile camera work for a couple of minutes, and then I tried to rez a physical sphere to see how it dropped. But it didn’t. Although my SL client was quite happy—I’d managed to hang OpenSim with this stacktrace, and now although I restart OpenSim, I can’t log in.

Native stacktrace:

../cli [0x51bb67]
../cli [0x43dacd]
/lib/libpthread.so.0 [0x7f13d3fcd7d0]
/usr/local/lib/libode.so(_Z27gim_trimesh_update_verticesP11GIM_TRIMESH+0x205) [0x7f13d06b2c75]
/usr/local/lib/libode.so(_Z18gim_trimesh_updateP11GIM_TRIMESH+0x18) [0x7f13d06b2d58]
/usr/local/lib/libode.so(_ZN9dxTriMesh11computeAABBEv+0xcc) [0x7f13d06a2a1c]
/usr/local/lib/libode.so(_ZN11dxHashSpace10cleanGeomsEv+0x34) [0x7f13d0670714]
/usr/local/lib/libode.so(_ZN11dxHashSpace10cleanGeomsEv+0x5f) [0x7f13d067073f]
/usr/local/lib/libode.so(_ZN11dxHashSpace8collide2EPvP6dxGeomPFvS0_S2_S2_E+0x39) [0x7f13d0670639]

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