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Darb Dabney’s OpenSim and 3D Terrain Blog

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I am a dedicated user of Second Life Grid and OpenSim immersive 3D technology, with a goal to apply these toward the practical creation of a paraverse that would support local governement operations. I have worked for City of Berkeley, California, and currently work for County of Marin.  The vast majority of the time I spend on OpenSim is my own free time.

The opinions published on this site are all my own, did not necessarily represent the position of City of Berkeley, and do not necessarily represent the position of County of Marin, its elected representatives, or employees.

On the Second Life Agni grid I’m Darb Dabney.  Although I did survive rotation at Caltech, I neither graduated nor was I ultimately a Darb. None the less, Dabney House holds a special place in my heart for the remarkably unique way that it celebrated life in 1978-1979.

My e-mail address is
darb AT simgis DOT com

In this blog Darb reflects on ways that decades of geospatial / GIS experience can be up-ended in mere weeks by the immersive experience of going in-world to Second Life, and how OpenSim can help make the connection between immersive 3D and GIS more feasible for real-world applications.  OpenSim empowers one to create oodles of regions to model real-life civic reality as a mirror-world paraverse, augmenting enterprise spatial data systems, interactive maps, globes, and street-level geo-oriented imagery with immersive 3D models and the collaborate freedom that they provide.

(updated 2009 02 05)

Darb as seen in Stanford region, 2009 01 27

Darb as seen in Stanford region, 2009 01 27

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  1. dolObon 08 Apr 2010 at 1455h

    Hi Darb mayne..
    i juz wanna make google maps skinned terra on my opensim, could u tell me a source for making it? i found a prim on secondlife (the real one XP) which has google maps on it (u can un/zoom & u can explore it with ur mouse) at first i think that i can use it on my open sim but i couldent make.. 😀 how can i do it? The truer is how u did it? Ofcorse that is ur right if u want to be slient about that issue.. Thank you already now..

  2. Darbon 26 Apr 2010 at 2331h

    Hi dol0b, Just want skinned terrain on OpenSim from earth? Sure thing – but it’s not easy and it doesn’t go onto the terrain. Thank the folks at Linden Lab for making a very limiting choice back in, say, 2002.
    The prim you saw might have had 30×30 terrain elevation points on it. I’ve seen similar in SL.

    If you are referring to a prim with http:// links, and those links go to Google Maps — well, maybe they’ll even go to Google Earth. But that’s still just a window and not quite the same as having a 3D virtual space, is it?
    I don’t have special magic with the terrain. Just lots of hard small steps. These are documented on my blog and very little is not described. That which isn’t is probably clear to anyone following along the steps.

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