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Feb 09 2010

OpenSim: and now, a word from the Founder [Second Life]

Many thanks to Singularity U, director Matt Rutherford, and to Randall Hand who brought it to my attention After chatting at SLCC 2009 this past summer, I appreciate the immediacy of this lecture. OpenSim is discussed around minute 37 (video is available at 720p HD, and is just over 51 minutes long.)
Discussion of augmented reality, and mirror world creation in Second Life and virtual world simulators, just after minute 44.

It’s hard for me to listen to the entire talk just one time and retain the best explanations – but clear and current they are. In a virtual environment, immersed in near-infinite possibilities, Rosedale may no longer be guiding the Second Life ship, but I believe he remains the compass needle

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Aug 15 2009

Second Life: The long and short of the road ahead

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Today, the third day of SLCC 2009, Philip Rosedale and Mark Kingdon provided the telephoto and wide-angle views of the road ahead for Second Life.

Union Square as seen from SLCC 2009

Union Square as seen from SLCC 2009

Philip summarized his message to a backdrop of an abandoned and decrepit  Detrioit home thus (as best I heard it)
“TRY and recognize that we are at the very beginning, and together, you guys and us, will have to weather a tremendous changing as we move from where we are today
to where this thing is, this kinematic and imaginary global kind of new digital world.”

Mark had a fine intro where he disclosed a moment of discovering his passion for in-world activity while building
“…it was at that point that I got a second island, and the land addiction began.”

Sessions today included morning Art track’s “Plastic Reality”, running over the start of an enterprise session that I really wanted to hear all of: “Enterprise and Virtual Worlds: The Value Proposition” moderated by Dusan Writer.  I stuck around for Schott Homan’s Purdue case study, caught a share of Patio Plasma’s “Building Interactive Science Exhibits, Tools and Techniques”

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