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Apr 21 2017

Terrain, yes, and flat orthos

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Next reach goal: draping the orthos as terrain textures.

To run better on a 1 vCPU, 1 GB machine with 3GB swap on an EBS SSD drive, the extent was pared back from 8K square to 6K square.  Orthophotos were resampled at 20cm and placed on flat 1km square prims.  Everything aligns with San Francisco county grid (EPSG/WKID 7131.)  This shot is Twin Peaks, view easterly, at sunset.  Look close in the pass and you can see Test User Ruth to verify the scale.  The orthophotos have been placed on both top and bottom of the image prim.

OpenSim 6K model of San Francisco with 20cm orthophotos

Open Simulator 0.9.0-rc2, running on CentOS 7, Amazon t2.micro

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