Mar 23 2016

Practical application: consensus neighborhoods

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Given: a set of overlapping polygon features in a single Feature Class (FC) and ArcGIS for Desktop

1) Add a field of type Double named “value” to the neighborhood FC and for all features calculate the value “1.0” to this field.

2) Self-Union the neighborhood polygon FC to a new FC named with “_union” appended.
ArcTools > Analysis Tools > Overlay > Union

3) Spatially join the original neighborhood polygon FC to the _union FC, ensuring that each polygon will receive a summary of numeric attributes, and also checking the box Sum to sum those received attributes into a useful value. The desired value should appear in the output FC as attribute “Sum_value”. Finish the output FC name with “_union_join”


4) For visualization, consider converting the _union_join FC to a raster using
ArcTools > Conversion Tools > To Raster > Polygon to Raster

Just choose the Sum_value field as the Value field.

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