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Mar 27 2015

TileStream behind Apache reverse proxy

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If you’ve got the issue, then you know why this could matter. If not, then just enjoy consuming Mapbox tiles from somewhere in the world.

Craft a subdomain-accessed reverse proxy with this sort of phrase in Apache httpd.conf on a web server otherwise known as

   ProxyPass / http://localhost:1111/
   ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:1111/

Of course, you’ll need to tidy up name resolution for the newly created subnet alias for your server. Once that name resolves, then launch TileStream in some manner like

$ ./index.js --config config.json

With reference to something like this TileStream config.json

   "host":  "",
   "tileHost":  "",
   "tilePort":  11111,
   "uiPort":  11111,
   "tiles":  "/your/local/path"

For an organization that wishes to share good imagery via TileStream without allowing trivial access to bulk downloads, this can present an issue. TileStream appears rather promiscuous with its download button.

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