Jun 30 2014

SGeoS Add EAS Enterprise Address System Data Server Components – Module 6 of 9

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Add EAS Data Server components

Build steps for configuration Module-stage-6
1) Start from completed system Module-stage-5

2) Create partitions (or order VM properly with three virtual drives For production-grade installs, this is the motivation to have three separate virtual drives (one with three partitions on it, the other two single-partitioned).  The first drive has /boot, swap, and / root.  The second drive is used for PostgreSQL data. By having a distinct virtual drive with a single partition, if in the future more data space is required, then it will remain possible to extend the drive’s size. The third drive is for PostgreSQL logs, and in the same way is designed as a separate drive to always allow future enlargement.

Disk  sda  40GB
/dev/sda1        /boot    500 MB
(/dev/sda2)      swap    1x--2x dedicated system memory
/dev/sda3        /           ~35GB

Disk sdb  16GB
/dev/sdb1        /data    16GB for PostgreSQL data

Disk sdc  12GB
/dev/sdc1        /pg_xlog          12GB for PostgreSQL logs

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