Jun 30 2014

SGeoS Add Esri Enterprise Geodatabase features – Module 4 of 9

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Add Esri Enterprise Geodatabase features


Build steps for configuration Module-stage-4

After PostgreSQL has been installed, the Esri ArcGIS for Server keycode produced when the ArcGIS for Server Standard application server was licensed for the machine can be used to enable an Esri Enterprise Geodatabase (the Application Formerly Known As ArcSDE) on just one of the PostgreSQL databases.

Natively, an Esri Enterprise Geodatabase will store geometry in its own implementation of ST_GEOMETRY type (distinct from Oracle’s implementation).  Esri ST_GEOMETRY is compact and optimized for fast exchange between ArcGIS and the geodatabase.  For spatial analysis with PostGIS, it is necessary to use the PostGIS implementation of OGC standards, PG_GEOMETRY type.  When there are performance concerns with ArcGIS Server, the ST_GEOMETRY type might be preferred as a publication format.  For spatial analysis with access to to CGAL geometry libraries, there are presently 1068 SQL functions in PostGIS, while there are 349 SQL functions in Esri SDE.  PostGIS can operate on features with PG_GEOMETRY, while Esri can operate on features with either PG_GEOMETRY or ST_GEOMETRY.  This creates a bit of complexity, yet also offers a number of ways to approach optimal storage.

When licensing Esri ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server on the machine, the installation will create and store keycodes in a tiny WINdows Emulator provided by an open source application WINE.   The path to keycodes is like:

/ags1022/arcgis/server/framework/runtime/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/ESRI/License10.2/sysgen

1) Start from completed system Module-stage-3

2) Locate Esri Server License  As a licensed product, ArcGIS will require the server keycode to enable an Esri Enterprise Geodatabase.

To create a single new Esri Enterprise Geodatabase, use the Create Enterprise Geodabase tool

Choose Database Platform of PostgreSQL, set Instance to resolvable name for the server, define a new geodatbase name that is very short but descriptive, and supply your credentials for the postgres Database Admistrator, for the sde Geodatabase Administrator, and the path to keycodes for Authorization File.

To connect to an existing Esri geodatabase, use ArcCatalog or a Catalog pane in ArcMap, click Database Connections > Add Database Connection.

In the Database Connection dialog, set Database Platform to PostgreSQL, for Instance use a resolvable name for the Geospatial Hybrid Device (GHD) server or its IP address, select Database authentication in the Authentication Type drop-down, and enter User name ‘sde’ and appropriate password, then select the Esri geodatabase from the Database drop-down.

With a working connection such as “sde_to_eg1_on_sg11.sde”, open the connection by double-clicking its tin can icon tin_can_icon  then once open, right-click and follow context menu to Administration > Create and Manage Roles

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