Apr 26 2011

New workstation – New cache

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The Marin Community Map cache has been draft-built, and can be explored as the highest four zoom settings here

I’m settling in to a new GIS workstation, custom-configured HP Z400 with twelve execution threads.  Windows 7 configures with a  Windows Experience Index of 7.3 and running very new browsers is a treat.  The preview version of Internet Explorer 10 checked out thusly with its Windows-loving HTML5 Fish Bowl Speed Test.  Two of them running, each with 2000 fish, both hitting 31 FPS.

Dual 1600x1200 screen, two IE 10 browsers, 2000 fish each, 31 FPS

Fast HTML5 Browsing, according to Microsoft

I I think that this will meet my needs for now. ;^)



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