Feb 13 2011

Not asleep, just spread thinly.

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As models of surface water flow for all Marin County are getting ready for review, there’s also a convergence with the large-scale topographic base (LSTB) map effort.

In fact, the hydrologically-enforced flow lines (HEFL) are getting their first chance to fit into the LSTB context.  This has helped immensely to clarify the uses that most folks will see the flow lines within.

Also, the Spring 2011 class in Spatial Analysis at College of Marin has gotten underway for three weeks now, and the students have turned out to be the best-qualified of any I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching.

While cleaning up some web presence matters, I stumbled across this interview that relates to OpenSim and the sorts of themes that got this blog going in the first place.

The Android phone is getting some heavy use with its rooted install of Android 2.2/Froyo, in the form of Chromatic 4.5.  It feels like the G1 hardware is really near its limit, and I’m not anxious to move it too much farther forward.  It really is time to start looking where to move next—and Android will most likely be the foundation, but exactly what mix of GPS, compass, gryro, and connectivity will be there when I upgrade this summertime?  It’s a bit exciting to start tracking developments now to help make a better-informed choice when the time comes.

The Cr-48 has been amazingly fun.  It’s been moved to a home-built image of Chromium OS, and back, and forth, and back again.  It’s been made to work on T-Mobile network, although only at EDGE speeds.  It’s doing a very fine job of scrounging print resources with Google Cloud Print.  Hey, it’s even got its own blog going now, to save clutter here.

Keeping up with class work, and preparing for lecture and lab time each week, is taking time from writing, while at the same time providing so much more to write about!  Most likely it will all balance out by June when the semester is finished.

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