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Feb 06 2009

Opensim aside, Darb is going to miss Robin Linden

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Reading more than writing these past couple of days, I have really felt both an in-world and RL sadness to know that Robin Linden is leaving the Lab.  My first use of the SL client was in 2006 10, so I’m not much of an SL oldie, although I was at Burning Man ’98 and ’99 like certain key Linden folks (who I don’t recall meeting there!)

Since my 2006 embrace of Second Life, and more recently, I have benefited from, experienced, and valued Robin’s ability to bind together for Linden Lab three organizational  traits in Silicon Valley culture into an attractive whole: 1) the heartless drive for competitive productivity, 2) shameless brilliance in relevant technical matters, and 3) a human warmth in the old-school California style.  People don’t learn to braid those strands together well without a solid education and (plural) decades of diverse work experience, IMHO.  Really.  Any appearance to the contrary I’d assert as either brief good fortune, or marketing hyperbole with short legs.

Anyway, with 650 square miles of simulator space, 80,000 concurrent users, and a willingness to explore new business directiions, some good things are happening.  Perhaps this is the dawning of the age of Linden Lab 2.0 and a wilful departure from start-up style?  It is my hope that by selecting a new executive team with less in-world experience, Linden Lab may grow more open to new applications of Second Life Grid technology, particularly applications that are disjoint from a vast, contiguous user-generated content space.  Perhaps?

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