Jan 13 2009

Meta-machinima, Berkurodam for sale, OpenSim server offline

After two years, it seems time to work on a new big build.  In the interest of conserving SL resources, I’m looking to get enough from selling the Gualala land and Berkurodam build to purchase adjacent land for a new build at the Stanford site.

I’m interested in selling the Berkeley build to architecturally-minded SL folk, so that with a properly sized and shaped parcel, I can do another RL scale model build (not based on any location in the East Bay). Work circumstances have changed and I’ll be spending much less RL time in Berkeley, so Inquiries are welcome care of darb (at) simgis.com.

Unfortunately, the public-facing OpenSim server that was loaded with the 40 region 1:1 scale UC Berkeley model has now been taken offline and is in search of a data center slot.

Meanwhile, just to prove that I’m still around the metaverse, I’ve made my first meta-machinima. Using the YouTube MP4 streaming service, which is apparently available for any uploaded video, one can map a texture into a video stream as part of parcel media settings on Linden servers.  This machinima was shot at the Gualala Level 3 Berkurodam build.

For those with the site blocked, the URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntjkj4eyQvM 
I’m embedding the video below

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