Nov 17 2008

Countdown to GIS Day

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I’m finding little time for keeping the OpenSim instance current.  For me, there’s been a lot of problems with the more recent (last six weeks) versions simply working on first try.  Also, since I have so many hours invested in the content that was created at rev 5411 that I’m a bit skittish with the bleeding edge updates.

Most recently, I’ve had the experience at of having only a single region be accessible at a time with the latest 1.21.6 SL viewer.  So I vacillate between thinking “how convenient and attractive to use hosted Second Life Grid servers” and the hot-rodder thoughts “My 40-region sim is worth $7525 up front and $1610/month in tier for a nonprofit, so I can be tough.”  I do tire of keeping the OpenSim server up and running with its load of content, yet with this real-world economy even avatars need to be frugal, no?

Thanks to Misty Rhoades

Thanks to Gualala neighbor Misty Rhodes for background

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