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Jul 13 2008

OpenSim SVN_5411 first test visit to public 40-region standalone

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I’ve got the OpenBerkurodam sim running this evening and ran a few test visits to all the regions. I’m posting a video that is fairly mundane, unless you care to see what 40 region standalones are like at first. Bare terrain (all seamless real-world terrain at 1:1.024 scale) that I visit rather gingerly. I’ve experienced a problem that I have seen associated with MySQL storage of terrain, where if I’m twirling round my av or point of view, sometimes my client isn’t sent a patch or trench of terrain data in a way that gets textured with the generic terrain patch. The result is an ugly trench, some number of 4-meter blocks across or wide, that is textured transparently, and surrounded with non-matching lower-elevation terrain patches. If I hold still while the client is getting the terrain streamed, then it will all (almost) always texture up properly.

The video is near YouTube’s 10-minute limit, but only because it took me an average of 15 seconds to let each sim rez completely before flying over close to it. This was because I really wanted to avoid the transparent trenches.

If the embedded YouTube link below does not image, the URL is

Please don’t expect a very exciting video, but for folks with their own OpenSim multi-region standalones, some of the exact ways that the customized terrain rezzes may prove diagnostic. If you don’t have use for this information,

I apologize for the restarted SL client at 3:15 into the video, as an annoying update popup for Sea Monkey browser interrupted the SL client’s reduced screen resolution, and this was caught by FRAPS. There are curious but not uncommon contortions of Ruth’s legs (despite being far above the surface) when crossing region boundaries. There are also a couple of cases in the video where one can see Ruth shot back to the center of the region, even as she was about to cross the next region boundary. This doesn’t seem to happen in a consistent enough way that I’ve figured out a pattern with it yet, but I’ve only seen it happen in the SVN since about 5350.

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