Jul 11 2008

A new OpenSim standalone grid SVN_5411 has lived

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The config of a 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04 Heron system, with local builds of mono, libopenjpeg, and ODE was successfully stood up this evening. Visibility issues that needed to be overcome included my not comprehending that Ubuntu would happily configure multiple static IP with a default bridging, so that even with just one NIC wired, both would bind. Strike one for cloning Windows server hardware features (or not) in Ubuntu…

So with only one IP address configured, and only one network cable attached, the second issue was reachable. The system’s resolution of its name did not work for region configuration and it was necessary to use the public IP (which typically is not reachable from within a NAT-ted DMZ) for the system name in the region config .xml files.

All that worked out OK, and logins were possible, and a tour of the sim worked out until the easternmost reaches were approached, and did not rez. As it turns out, a few more ports need to be opened between the OpenSim box and the outside world. As it is, a 33-region standalone was up with nearly no prims, but seamless real-world terrain tonight. With a bit more of the ongoing cooperation with network administration, all 40 regions should be ready for content building by this weekend.

The server worked beautifully with four threads on the Xeons (it boasts total 27,000 bogomips), the 40 regions with terrain start up in under 15 seconds and use all four cores. Also, with the client rezzing out to 512 meters, it is dramatic to see three regions rezzing at once, which is one more than I’ve seen on a single Core2 Duo-based system. The fourth thread seems to retain more avatar mobility while those regions rez. It’s all very nice so far!

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