Jun 24 2008

Progress of a sort OpenSim 0.5.8_5195 on mono / MySQL

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I’ve been trying to be patient and catch a good wave in OpenSim’s evolution, so that I can configure a demo of terrain prims for late July. Much good seems to be afoot, and yet I am trying to find the right point amidst all this progress to grab an SVN and build on it for a few weeks. Tonight I had some luck with getting my OpenSim.ini configuration together better than before.

For all OpenSim back end storage now I’ve gotten MySQL 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.1 working fine. I had a glitch in my configurations where I worked with a configuration setting that referred to Catalog / schema (what MS SQL folks might know only as a “database”) but interpreted as schema certain tables within that one schema known as users, userfriends, terrain, prims, land and such. For a few nights I seemed sleepily unaware that I had confused the table ‘opensim’ with the catalog ‘opensim’—my bad for naming them all the same without being sure enough what I was doing. The symptom was simply that
../cli OpenSim.exe
refused to load storage, which is to say that the sim wouldn’t start up, and refused to go more than the first few lines into a startup sequence that for my 40 regions is typically many hundreds of status lines. Anyhow, that’s all happy now and every storage invocation in my OpenSim.ini config is using the local MySQL instance through loopback. Bottom line for me was this—the OpenSim.ini and mysql_connection.ini config files are connecting to a catalog, even through in places they contain references to certain tables.

On the physics side, I’ve got ODE turned on for all 40 regions, and the startup is still very fast at less than 30 seconds with no prims. The 1-meter gridded terrain loads into 40 regions in about 15 seconds [hardware: 2x Core2 Duo E6550 overclocked to 3.4 GHz with 3.9 GB RAM]. Everything seems to be going my way until…

I try to create prims right now. Tonight at svn 5195, I can create cube prims, have them be physical and drop to the ground. When either I turn them into spheres, or create them as spheres, in regions near (where I first rez) or far (at the northeast end of my 40 region sim), the whole sim hangs brutally. I’ve never had the sim hang this way before, where it’s a ‘kill -9’ to get its attention and make it go away.

With the persistence of MySQL running, if I quickly restart the sim without taking time to command the previous “../cli OpenSim.exe” into oblivion, then I can’t log in because the second sim still thinks that I’m already logged in, from the first hung sim’s session. I flailed around a bit this evening learning this and creating new users along the way. At one point, I was so discombobulated between hung mono and typing anything *.exe on a command line that I restarted Ubuntu to wash my hands of the matter. Now wasn’t that silly? I certainly think that it was. No amount of C# code under mono is going to turn Ubuntu into the sort of bounce first, ask questions later mode favored by some Windows server administrators, including myself in impatient moments.

But whatever happens tonight at svn 5195, it appears to have an evil effect on mono when meshing a single spherical prim, or a box that’s become a sphere. This is using SL Windows client or SL Linux client on x86_64 Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.

Thanks to Nebadon who helped me get a pulse on my memory usage. Interesting experience tonight was that now that I’ve started using MySQL and making sure to kill off zombie ../cli processes, my memory use is down toward 780 MB, rather than the 1.4 GB I’d mentioned on IRC. At that size, there does not seem to be too much memory use penalty under Linux+mono versus native Windows servers running OpenSim. Selfishly, I’m glad of that because I’ve already switched my opensim test servers off of Windows and onto Ubuntu, and I’d prefer not to come across too many reasons to want to go back!

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