Jun 06 2008

Still At OpenSim 0.5.7_5002 ODE and 40 regions

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This experience was on 3 June but I’m only writing about it now. Much the same as on Monday where the regions start up like gangbusters, terrain loads in a snap, and everything is navigable with no prims. When I get myself to the most interesting terrain, at UCB’s Greek Theater, I rez a cube and it sits on the ground. When I carelessly resize it to 10 meters in all dimensions, part of it sits below ground. After all, it is not physical yet. Then when I set it to be physical, either as a cube or after making it a sphere, the whole sim crashes. Looking at Mantis I had the sense that some aspects of this issue have been worked on very recently and resolved. So far for me, no joy.

I also have a challenge with getting region and asset storage working on MySQL rather than SQLite. People need persistence for any difficult build, and when things get large that’s not the time one wants to run up against the limits of the storage technology. But I’m flummoxed by the necessary OpenSim.ini config. I’ve seen this work on other sims at earlier revisions, so I know that I’m close. But I can’t get OpenSim to connect, although I have no problem getting to the catalog with MySQL-administrator and I do see some tables get created if I leave SQLite for region storage and MySQL for asset. But when I try to use MySQL with all storage, OpenSim complains that it can’t find a responsive instance of MySQL. Suspicions are pointing toward my mixed use of localhost loopback and local network address 10.x.x.x among OpenSim and MySQL installs. Even though I run standalone, I need OpenSim to respond to the local network address to access OpenSim from other machines in the lab, and I thought that I had MySQL set up to do the same. Apparently some connections must use loopback and that may be creating inconsistencies that keep me from launching OpenSim in a non-SQLite setup

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