May 01 2008

Testing Upper UC Campus with Machinima to Share

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I’ve gotten into a groove with planting the terrain megaprims, and covered the eastern part of the UC Campus. I’ve also grabbed a video with FRAPS but it’s taking a while to upload to YouTube.

Things I learned tonight: it’s possible to crash OpenSim by dragging megaprims across region boundaries. The warning sign is that the prim appears to lose its name, then all prims in the region lose their names, then a check of the console will show no more OpenSim running!

After a couple of technical issues, I am pleased to offer some machinima views

This is a shot starting at the Greek Theater on the UC Berkeley campus (20080430)

This is simply how the Open Berkurodam sim looks in its overview map with 40 Regions.
I haven’t refreshed the appearence of the map since loading in the real-world terrain (20080430)

This is a flight eastward over some bare ground, but real-life terrain regions. Flight is in the vicinity of BANCROFT AVE between SHATTUCK AVE and TELEGRAPH AVE (20080430)

This is a flight into the land of Terrain Megaprim Sculpties.  Of the three scales, this shows the medium and large steepness areas in easterly campus.  At the time this was shot, there were fifteen regions with 60 megaprim sculpties in a contiguous area (20080430)

This is a flight from the high point of the sim starting at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, over the Greek Theater, and ending near Wurster Hall at UC Berkeley (20080501)

This is a flight starting near the old Pacific Film Archive building, through an excavation at Underhill Field that was open on 1 July 2006, then up PIEDMONT AVE to GAYLEY AVE past California Memorial Stadium and up to the far NEly corner of the sim in LBNL (20080501)

Enough Videos already!  While you’re at YouTube, check out “OpenSim” as a search term, if you haven’t already!

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