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Apr 30 2008

More textures, OpenSim 0.5.4_4272 OK after Hardy Heron 8.04 update

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The manual process I’ve been using to place the terrain megaprims is crying out for automation, but for the moment, I’ve added it only incrementally. I have three OpenSim command scripts now for the three scales of terrain megaprims, and these use edit-scale to supersize the seed prims that I am still putting, four to a reigon, in starter positions by hand.

I’ve had some trouble with my SL client not always showing me all items in inventory. Also, I fixed the one problem terrain megaprim. Apparently it was a naming convention error from when I created the three sets of different-scale terrains as 8-bit, and the problem prim was where I first realized that ERDAS Imagine dicing was starting the tile names anew for each of the rescales, and this was confusing as all three had different upper-left origins.

Even so, I’m only up to having 19 reigons populated with surface terrain sculpties. It is rather satisfying when the megaprims get sized as cubes, positioned appropriately in 3-space, then converted to giant generic sculpties—and when the proper terrain UV is applied, they just snap to the terrain like a fairly decent coat of paint the instant that I select the next prim.

The imagery is tiling very well and that is also satisfying, when I turn on Full Bright and see good detail. It seems that the key to perfect tiling is to adjust the leftmost texture tiles to have a -0.064 horzontal shift to their 1.000 scale texture, and the topmost texture tiles have an 0.064 vertical shift. The upper-leftmost tile has both. I even found a farm in Berkeley–go figure. Looks like they were growing strawberries near Oxford and Hearst on 1 July 2006.

Not to be deterred by having everything going well, however slowly, I opted to test the new distribution of Ubuntu tonight. My “save-xml” scripts ran without warning, but following the OS upgrade, and verification of graphics and browser, my load-xml script only place about one good megaprrim per region. I’ll dup them and get back on track soon. The browser (Swiftweasel) had nary a hiccup, and still runs Flash just fine. My Nvidia display driver kept on working, and I did not need to re-install it as I had been warned when first installing the driver by Envy. The default desktop has a cool Heron on it, the System Monitor has transcended its previous Windows-like aesthetic and improved the dashboard. MySQL seems to be unaffected by the upgrade. Eclipse Europa launches in about 15 seconds. Things feel just a bit faster in many departments, including the rate at which OpenSim draws land.

What’s next:
1) I’d like to finish my way through building the 40-region model on the local OpenSim server here in the lab
2) I’d like to craft a 1:25 scale model of the entire 160-sculptie terrain on Agni in a parcel on Amida not far from to the Berkurodam BART Station 1:3 model.
3) if Hardy Heron holds together for the next few days of testing, I’d like to build a public-facing version of the OpenBerkurodam model, at least as a standalone sim

.Possible build site for 1:25 version of OpenBerkurodam on Agni

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