Apr 18 2008

OpenSim svn 0.5.4_4272 Supporting 40 regions

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I’ve been in a bit of a rut the past couple of days, feeling doubt about which way to proceed with configuring the OpenSim side of the UC Berkeley campus 1.024:1 sim. For the first time since I started setting up OpenSim test servers back in October 2007, I was uncertain of my ability to make it work with this project. I rolled back to 0.4, 0.5.0, 0.5.1, and the trunk that worked a couple of days ago would run only 32 regions well, and even at that would stop working, without any use, by morning. All my effort was going into testing out various ways of retreating from the leading edge. In an activity like OpenSim, that’s not a fun place to toil!  Now, after the sim sits quietly through the night, I can teleport from my landing zone in the far SWly region to the far NEly region, and get there pronto.  Plus the 40 Regions are barely consuming 1% of the CPUs.

Realizing that a good 48 hours had passed, one of the things I tried tonight was a fresh grab of the trunk, and that really turned things around for me. With OpenSim 0.5.4_4272 I have the same rocket-fast launch, zippy association of terrain with regions, and I can actually teleport into regions that haven’t resolved their terrain without finding my av hung up. That was all good. Then, I started moving around the ERDAS Imagine data that will be stamped into terrain megaprims, and I was reminded that I’d gone to all the trouble of resampling both terrain and orthoimage for 40 regions, and my diced file naming conventions were already dependent on that entire set of 5 x 8 regions. So rather than fire up the process for making sculptie bump-maps, I went back to the 0.5.4_4272 build, shut it down and went after my region configuration–willing to give it another try at 40 regions. While I was at it I generalized my PHP region XML configurator.

Just for the sake of enjoyment, here are a few views, including nice Windlight night shots. Compared to two days ago, one can notice more of the hill at LBNL, with the fairly intricate grading for service roads and laboratory buildings quite evident in the scene.

40-region UC Berkeley OpenSim 40-region OpenSim at UC Berkeley 40-region OpenSim of UC Berkeley at 1.024 : 1


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