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Apr 09 2008

Sailing: Gualala to the Northern Continent

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Just a note to describe more fun sailing with the new Windlight viewer, and the Wee Tiny Tako 3.2 (that’s a version, not its length. The actual craft is sporting a 2.25-meter waterline!

The DD13 Tako 3.2 For my Dad’s birthday this week, I took a sail to the Northern Continent.

Map of start and end of sailing trip Along the way I sailed through ANWR The Wee Tiny Tako vs. Big Oil
Finally, I met some unpleasantly private waters that were poorly marked, and my craft reverted to my Inventory, leaving me sitting on a coral reef. Just before this mishap, I enjoyed some fresh winds up to 12 knots northerly and boat speeds up to 7 knots.
How it all ended 40080408In Northern waters
Plenty of fun!

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