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Apr 07 2008

Windlight wanderings

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This post has little to do with OpenSim, except to share the enjoyment of the new viewer that works well enough with sculpted terrain megaprims in OpenSim. This evening was simple diversion, a novel experience of sailing in a Wee Tiny Flying Taco, learning how to sail it better, and navigating the ancient inland seas from Gualala through Rosedale and Kapor to the timeless shores of DaBoom. Virtual weather was very pleasant with a westerly 7 knot breeze. I moored off Stanford’s southern shore and strolled a bit, and got to see some square-rigged pirate ships up close. The tiny Taco fits well under bridges and as always, Second Life from tiny eyes seems bigger and perhaps more wondrous.

Inland sea sailing in Windlight 20080407 More Windlight sailing 20080407

One annoyance, for me, was that the new viewer seems to have altered the rules for focus-and spin when mousing. While learning how to build detailed interiors of structures, I really got used to the click-to-focus, followed by an Alt-click to rotate point-of-view around that clicked focus point. Now that seems lost and I miss it very much. It matters not too much with sailing, but the way it works now would seem crippling to me when it came time to build fancy structures. So for that, maybe OpenSim folks will want to keep the installer fairly close at hand!

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