Jan 19 2008

Simulator GIS

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Don’t fret about the silence here of the past two months–activity in the lab has been greater than ever before!
The 1 GHz Coppermine PIII / 1.5 GB memory has had 81 sims sqeezed onto it (with mere Basic Physics), and has been tested with three users, loaded with real-life terrain, and offshore areas filled with orthoimage-decked megaprims.

Really – please check out the new screenshots posted on OpenSimulator.org

More, there’s a new system on shakedown. It’s an ASUS P5KC, with Core2 Duo E6550 overclocked to 3.4 GHz with 4 GB DDR2800 overclocked to 485 / 970 MHz. Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy x86_64 is getting decked out with x64 VMware server, Samba 4 / AD Domain Controller, and soon will check out how far OpenSim can get scaled up from 1:4 closer to 1:1 with these better resources. Oh, and the alpha Second Life client has been working OK on Ubuntu x64 with an NVidia 8600 (x64 driver built and installed with Envy)

Some very fun images of the Berkeley 1:4 sims were prepared for the American Geophysical Union Fall 2007 Meeting in San Francisco, under abstract IN13A-0902 on 20071210. The sim hasn’t changed much since then.

With the new year, and a fresh focus on using OpenSim as the server-side vehicle together with Second Life client, I’ve felt that the most effective way to get my point across — of the value that I see in joining immersive 3D simulators to GIS data with the purpose of building 1:1 maps to work inside — could be done better than constant reference to Second Life. So the domain stack grows a bit, and will drop off a bit. Please consider hooking to the stacked domains http://blog.simgis.com or simgis.org as well as the original slgis.org and secondlifegis.com if you’ve got an interest in following these developments.

OpenSim 81-region Berkeley, CA

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